Curb A Garden

Our Areas of Expertise



We specialize in residential and commercial landscape designs, as well as new construction and renovations of existing landscapes. Curb-A-Garden will install and maintain landscaping on your new and existing gardens.


Curb-A-Garden can install professional-grade low-voltage lighting. These lights come in Aluminum, Copper, and Brass in a variety of designs. All transformers are made of stainless steel with a lifetime warranty. Curb-A-Garden now offers LED lighting with a 20 year fixture warranty.


Rainbird® Irrigation components are exclusively used by Curb-A-Garden on every irrigation job. From small gardens to large lawns, these systems can be customized to automatically water your gardens as needed. Rain sensors and freeze sensors can also be added to the system to protect your plants.


Curb-A-Garden specializes in underground PVC drainage systems. These drainage systems can be used to drain everything from backyard patios to gutter downspouts. Since these drainage system are custom made to fit every yard specifically, any problem areas around your home can be solved. Catch basins, channel drains, and French drains are also available.


Curb-A-Garden designs and installs concrete edging on-site around gardens, lawns, and walkways. There are 3 molds available: mower, curb, and slant. Mower style is designed to fit around landscaping beds. Curb style is a commercial rectangular mold designed for retaining walls and borders. Slant style can be stamped with various designs to customized every garden. All curbing is available in multiple colors to fit any home design.

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